Emerging masterplan for Pasture Road, Moreton town centre

Proposals for Pasture Road, Moreton town centre

Wirral Growth Company is committed to bringing positive change to Moreton through the development of new homes, local amenities and community facilities.

Following the consultation on the emerging masterplan for the Pasture Road, Moreton town centre site, we are collating and considering your comments and the information received will be summarised in a Statement of Community Involvement. We will then develop the emerging masterplan accordingly.

Why this area?

Geographically, Moreton is located centrally along the northern stretch of the Wirral Peninsula. It is its own distinct settlement to the west of the M53 and is also accessible via rail and bus routes.

Moreton town centre straddles two wards; Leasowe and Moreton East and Moreton West and Saughall Massie. It has a large residential catchment within easy walking distance of its facilities. Moreton has a strong service sector providing essential local facilities and acts as a hub for community life. The town centre has shops to meet day to day needs and it is the location of community facilities such as the Library and Medical Centre.

The masterplan area encompasses land directly to the north of Moreton town centre, stretching from the rear of Silverburn Avenue in the south, to the rear of West Way in the north. The masterplan area is to the west of Knutsford Road and homes on Whitley Avenue and Lyons Road and to the east of Pasture Road.

A small number of existing properties on Pasture Road are included in the masterplan area (the former Youth Centre, the former Family Centre and the Library), but others (the Ambulance Station, and Health Centre) are excluded.

The southern part of the masterplan area directly adjoins the local centre and the site as a whole extends to approximately 2.8 hectares.

Moreton Planning overview

Rising to the challenge

The site covers a key area of Moreton two centre and presents an exciting opportunity to deliver sustainable, transformational development.

Our work to date has considered many factors including:

Influencing factors


Our work to date has been informed by various workstreams including recent Council studies and previous consultations on the facilities needed. The factors influencing the proposal and our aims can be summarised as:


Consultation activity 2014 onwards
Moreton Town Centre Action Plan 2016
Wirral Retail Centres Study 2019
Wirral Draft Open Space Assessment Report 2019
Wirral Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2020
Consultation on Moreton Youth Centre

Creating a sense of place

Creating a sense of place

Vibrant mix of uses

Vibrant mix of uses

The aspiration is to further enhance Moreton town centre’s identity as a unique, busy and attractive environment which meets the needs of its community. The introduction of a care/extra care facility alongside new family homes, improved facilities at Moreton Library and a foodstore will support this aspiration.

One of the most important factors is to create more vibrancy in and close to the town centre. To achieve this, we are proposing a new foodstore to service the needs of local residents as well as new homes.

Commercial viability

Commercial viability

Contextual response

Contextual response

A design-led approach that is commercially viable and responds to the character and needs of the local area. Development of the Lidl store will provide jobs and other economic benefits for the local community as well as helping to fund provision of other community assets like the library extension.

A development that relates to the characteristics and needs of Moreton whilst removing redundant buildings and making efficient use of land.

Design quality

Design quality



Delivering buildings, streets and spaces that meet high-quality architectural and urban design standards.

Creation of new facilities on the edge of the existing local centre that are fully accessible to all.



Transport connectivity

Transport connectivity

Delivering energy efficient development in a sustainable location which supports Wirral’s response to the declaration of the climate change emergency and it’s drive to become an exemplary low-carbon area.

Making use of excellent existing bus and rail services in the local area.



A masterplan that captures the overall objectives of the development, but in a way that allows for flexibility to respond to future changes in market conditions and council policy.

Emerging masterplan for Moreton

We have taken a comprehensive view of the site and drawn an indicative masterplan that can be delivered in phases, providing an opportunity to deliver transformational regeneration for the benefit of the local community.

The key components of the indicative masterplan are as follows:


  • A Foodstore
  • B New housing
  • C Extra care facility
  • D Improved library facilities

Plot A

Lidl UK GmbH is a deep discount retailer that concentrates on selling a limited range of primarily own brand goods at extremely competitive prices. Lidl is distinct from other mainstream convenience retailers currently present in Moreton.

Lidl is able to offer high quality products at low prices due to bulk purchasing and having extremely efficient store formats. The savings created by the efficiency of Lidl’s business model are passed on to the customer in the form of highly competitive prices.

The proposed Lidl store at Pasture Road will be 1,900sqm gross with approximately 170 parking spaces including 6 for disabled customers and 12 parent and child spaces. Electric vehicle charging points will also be provided.

The Proposed Lidl store will be positioned on the southern end of the site, directly adjacent to Moreton town centre, ensuring that it will operate as part of the town centre.

It will be orientated so that the customer entrance is on the south west corner, readily visible from both the customer car park and Pasture Road.

The store will be serviced from the eastern elevation, ensuring adequate separation from the main customer entrance. Lidl is mindful of the need to minimise any disturbance to neighbouring residents and landowners. To assist in achieving this, the store will only have one or two dedicated deliveries a day. This provides all the necessary products for the store, including frozen and chilled goods, which are carried using individual temperature-controlled units that can be loaded on to the vehicle.

Finished in a modern palette of materials including a large area of glazing on the southern elevation and pale grey cladding, the building will enhance its surroundings.

As a new facility the proposed foodstore will also have economic benefits, it will create in the region of 40 new full and part time jobs.





Up to 46 new 2, 3 and 4 bed homes

An elderly care/extra care facility with up to 75 apartments.

Attractive landscaping and access roads across the site.

Private garden space for the family housing.

Social, environmental and economic benefits

New residential neighbourhoods

Delivery of up to 121 new high-quality homes, across of a range of sizes and types, including up to 46 new family homes and up to 75 new care/ extra care homes.

The care/extra care facility, is proposed to create a new, vibrant neighbourhood with provision of local community amenities.

This is essential to support the continued economic growth of Moreton.

Improved connectivity

The site occupies a sustainable location.

The masterplan provides a valuable connection between the town centre, residential areas to the north and east and the community facilities.

Socio-economic impact

In the region of 40 new jobs at the proposed Lidl store as well as jobs during the construction phase of development.

The provision of apprenticeships throughout the construction programme.

Community benefits

Repurposing of Moreton Library will provide new and improved modern facilities that can be used by the local community.

Improved youth provision and an enlarged computer room will provide wide reaching benefits.

Attractive outdoor space is also proposed to support the youth offer.


Rejuvenation of an urban site in an acessible and sustainable location.

Holistic approach to building design, to minimise energy use and emissions of CO2.

Proposed electric vechicle charging points and a landscapingscheme includingnew tree planting.

Residents consultation discussion

The information received during the consultation period (15th March – 16th April) will be summarised in a Statement of Community Involvement. This will show how the comments have been considered. If you have any questions on this process or any of the information provided, email hello@wirralgrowthcompany.co.uk or write to Wirral Growth Company, Riverside House, Irwell Street, Salford, M3 5EN.

Next Steps

Spring 2021
Collation of consultation feedback

Preparation of the planning application


Summer 2021
Submission of the planning application to Wirral Council


Autumn 2021
Determination of the planning applications by Wirral Council


Winter 2021/22
Development starts on Site

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