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Planning application summary

Wirral Growth Company (WGC) has submitted a planning application to Wirral Council to bring forward plans for the redevelopment of the land between Pasture Road and Knutsford Road in Moreton.

This planning application has been informed by a proactive two stage consultation process. The proposed mixed-use development has the potential to deliver new amenities and homes that meets the needs and enhance the lives of local people.

The first phase will include a new Lidl store alongside enhancements to the library. The latter phases will include the provision of new homes, extra care apartments and a community amenity area.

The application and site area

The application site covers an area of circa. 3.04 hectares. It extends from Maurice Jones Court in the north, to Witley Avenue, Lyons Road and Knutsford Road to the east, Silverburn Avenue to the south and Pasture Road to the west.

The site includes the former youth centre, former family centre, library, its associated car park and under utilised areas of hardstanding and open space. The ambulance station and health centre on Pasture Road are excluded from the site.

The hybrid planning application seeks part outline and part detailed planning permission. The application site area is identified on the plan below. The detailed area is identified by the hatched red lines and the outline area comprises the remaining land within the red line boundary.

Application Site

  • A Maurice Jones Court
  • B Former Family Centre
  • C Former Youth Club & Community Centre
  • D Library
  • E Pasture Road
  • F Knutsford Road
  • G Silverburn Ave

Proposed Development

The proposed development has the potential to deliver meaningful change to Moreton. Sitting next to the town centre, its located at the heart of the community making it a prime location for a sustainable mixed-use development.

The scheme will be anchored by the proposed Lidl foodstore. This is intended to complement rather than compete with independent retailer in Moreton and encourage more people to visit the town centre. This will sit alongside the new and improved library, providing a community hub with a dedicated youth offer and more flexible indoor and outdoor spaces where local people of all ages can sit, read, meet, work and play.

A high quality residential development providing up to 45 new homes and 80 extra care apartments are also proposed on the site alongside a new outdoor amenity area.

The scheme will be connected by new footpaths and opens spaces with routes across the site enhanced.

The proposed development will be delivered across five plots. These are identified as A-E on the plans below.

The detailed element of the application includes the demolition of the former youth and community centre and the construction of the Lidl foodstore on plot A and a front extension and external alterations to the library, including the provision of a new outdoor activity area, on Plot B.

Outline planning permission is sought for the demolition of the former family centre and the development of up to 45 new homes on plot C, 80 affordable extra care apartments on plot D and an amenity area on plot E. The detailed design for these plots is not yet known, therefore, planning permission is sought for the principle of development and the detail of the proposed access points only.

To aid the interpretation of the proposed development an illustrative masterplan has been prepared. This demonstrates one way the site could be developed. It shows how the maximum parameters applied for it outline on plots C, D and E could be delivered on the site in the context of the first phase of development on plots A and B.


  • A Foodstore
  • B Library
  • C Residential
  • D Extra Care
  • E Amenity Area

Development phases

The plans have been designed to come forward in two phases over a four year period.

Phases 1A and 1B include the demolition of the former youth and community centre and the construction of the foodstore on plot A and enhancements to the library on Plot B. Subject to planning permission being granted in 2022 these plots are expected to be complete in 2023.

Phase 2A includes the demolition of the former family centre and the construction of residential development. Subject to planning permission being granted in 2022 this phase is expected to start in 2023 and be largely complete by 2026. Phase 2B for the proposed extra care apartments on plot D and the amenity area on plot E are both expected to be complete by 2024.

Moreton –

Planning Assessment

The site is situated in a highly sustainably location (adjoining shops, homes, key transport infrastructure (bus and rail station), recreation, community and health facilities) in Moreton town centre.

The site has made little contribution to the vibrancy and vitality of Moreton and its people for several years. The sustainable regeneration of the site to create a high-quality mixed-use development will make the best use of this underutilised land plus deliver a range of other economic, social and environmental benefits to the site, the community and the borough.

This aligns with the core principles of both the National Planning Policy Framework (2021) and the adopted Wirral Unitary Development Plan (2000) which encourage the effective re-use of land to deliver sustainable development.

The policy support offered by the adopted Wirral Unitary Development Plan and National Planning Policy Framework is reflected in the council’s emerging Local Plan where the application site is allocated for the development of housing and the boundary of the town centre has been extended to allow a foodstore to be developed to meet the need for a main food shop in Moreton.

The planning statement, which supports the application assesses the proposal against relevant local and national policy and demonstrates that the development accords with those policies. This along with the other supporting plans and documents can be viewed via the council’s website on the link below: (ref. APP/22/01686)

Technical Assessment

The technical reports submitted as part of the planning application demonstrate that the proposals comply with the relevant development policies and material considerations relating to the principle of demolition, housing provision, design, highways trees, ecology, drainage, pollution, waste management and developer contributions. There are no adverse impacts which would outweigh the notable and multiple benefits of the development.

These documents along with the submitted plans can be reviewed and commented upon on the Council’s website on the following link:

Benefits of the Development

Investing in the local economy

Investing in the local economy

Improved living conditions and housing choice

Improved living conditions and housing choice

Creation of 54 direct jobs over the construction phase as well as 52 indirect jobs through the supply chain. This phase will generate £19.6m gross value added to the local economy.

81 jobs would be created during the operational phase generating £2.6m gross value added per annum to the local economy.

Future residents would generate £1.9m gross value added per annum to the local economy and £900,000 of additional retail and leisure expenditure per annum.

Up to 80 extra care apartments would result in a potential annual saving to the NHS of £660,000.

The Council tax generated by the proposals would be £160,000 per annum.

Contribute towards meeting the Borough’s identified housing needs.

Diversifying the local housing offer to attract more working age skilled people and families to the area, helping to sustain the local labour supply.

Improve the choice of homes available for older people allowing them to live safely in their own home.

The extra care apartments will be 100% affordable making them accessible to those whose needs cannot be met in the market.




Enhanced community offer

Enhanced community offer

Provide an attractive mixed-use development that will improve the appearance of Pasture Road as a key gateway into the town centre.

Improvements to the environment will help to deter anti-social behaviour and create a place where existing and future residents feel safe.

Creation of more attractive and safer routes across the site.

Extensive tree planting and soft landscaping will create new natural landscaped areas to encourage new wildlife habitats and a pleasant environment in which to live and visit.

The foodstore will enable local people to undertake their main food shop in the town centre improving footfall to support its future vitality and viability.

The modernisation of the library will enhance its offer as a community hub.

The amenity area on Plot E will encourage community cohesion and interaction.

The parking at the Lidl foodstore will be available for visitors to the town centre as well as customers helping to address on street parking issues on Pasture Road.

Next Steps

Residents and interested parties can submit their comments on the proposed development via the Council’s website using the following link:


Download the report of our findings from stage one of consultation

Download the report of our findings from stage two of consultation

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