Emerging masterplan for the Former Foxfield School site

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What do you think is the most important consideration to take into account in the layout of the scheme (please tick the three boxes you think are most important)

What type of housing would you like to see on the Site?

What are your views of the house types used by the design team?

What is your reason for you answer to the previous question?

Would you be interested in purchasing or renting a property on the site? If so which type?

The information received during the consultation period (12-28 February) will be summarised in a Statement of Community Involvement. This will show how the comments have been considered. If you have any questions on this process or any of the information provided, email hello@wirralgrowthcompany.co.uk or write to Wirral Growth Company, Riverside House, Irwell Street, Salford, M3 5EN.