Emerging masterplan for the new Birkenhead

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Our Emerging Masterplan

Based on your feedback, we’re taking a holistic view of Birkenhead town centre, drawing up a masterplan that works for the medium to long-term, while identifying opportunities and key areas for change in the short-term.

This will be the first step towards putting the heart back into Birkenhead.

Birkenhead –

The key components of the draft masterplan are as follows:

New public space

The removal of the current market hall allows for the creation of new public realm within the town centre to act as a connecting space between the retail, commercial and leisure elements of the proposed masterplan. Such integration will improve pedestrian and cycle links. It will also create an attractive environment, encouraging opportunities for events and participation in town centre-based activities.

New commercial office development

Up to 280,000 sq ft of Grade A office floorspace to meet the growing demand for high-quality commercial floorspace in the town centre.

New housing

A range of much-needed homes, including affordable housing, is proposed on a sustainable and previously-developed site around Conway Park Station.

A new leisure centre

A modern and more energy-efficient leisure centre is proposed close to Conway Park Station and existing homes to make sure that it is sustainable. This would be delivered before any work takes place on the existing leisure centre.

Civic Hub

Delivery of flexible and sustainable office floorspace for occupation by Wirral Council.

Improved highway and transport infrastructure

An investment in the local road network will improve the circulation of traffic and allow for improved connectivity for both pedestrians and cyclists. This includes works to further improve Birkenhead Bus Station.

To make sure the full potential of Birkenhead can be realised, it is proposed that the masterplan will be brought forward in phases.

A new home for Birkenhead Market

Options for the new market are being considered to make sure a modern fit-for-purpose market is developed in the heart of the town centre. We’re working hard to develop an attractive, well-designed market using the current footprint (of the existing market) but on a smaller scale. The vision for the new market is to once again be a destination that people will travel to visit, and provide a valuable service for communities across the Wirral.

Emerging masterplan phases

Architects visualisations of development

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Download the report of our findings from stage one of consultation

Download the report of our findings from stage two of consultation